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Playing Mas, Performing Grime: Novelist at Village Underground (16.02.20), a Review

Grime may be getting the mainstream recognition deserved with breakout artists like Novelist. Though, there is nothing solo about grime’s recognized solo acts! Headlining what looked like a sold out show at Shoreditch's quirky 'turn-of-the-century warehouse' venue, Village Underground, Novelist took to the stage with friends and 'special guests' in tow. Absolved of conventional concert etiquettes --no merchandise was sold (in fact free t-shirts were given out), there was no encore, no breaks in the set, even the 'warm up acts' blended into the main act-- Novelist performed an hour and a half long high energy set, to a predominately white creative-class audience. 
Opening the show, a group of young men took to the stage dressed in all black sweats, wearing ski-masks, and with drinks, phones and mics in tote. Most of the masked men congregated in the corner of the stage, making it clear that they weren't there to perform. As for those who did perform, th…

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