Film Review: Black Panther

Don't worry this post won’t spoil the film’s plot if you haven't seen it yet. I saw the film Friday and am still mulling over my feelings and reading of it. My first instinct and the direction this post was initially going to take was to praise the production of Black Panther. And rightly so the casting and chemistry was awesome, the acting was top notch, as was the screenwriting, direction, etc, etc. It was black storytelling at its finest. BUT, there were somethings - scenes, story lines, characters, motivations, etc. - that did not sit well with me. Though, not enough that it negated from the excitement of the film.

Let me start by saying that I enjoyed the film. Want to see it again and can’t wait to own it on DVD. I found it well balanced and thought out in that it gave enough of a back story and set up the characters motivations well without losing time to get to the nitty gritty. I was also thoroughly impressed that it was able to concurrently entertain and be intellec…

Reading Fabiola Jean-Louis' 'Rewriting History' Art Series

My work is an inquiry into social change as it relates to race. It interrogates the reality of white capitalist patriarchy, the value of black lives, as well as, celebrates the black and brown female body through a haunting photographic essay and paper sculptures styled to mimic garments worn by female European nobility between the 15th – 19th centuries… The materials used for the paper gown sculptures are transformed in a way that allows me to represent layers of time and the events of the past as they intrude upon the present. Through the materials, I suggest that although we cannot change the past, we can act to change the present, as we activate the memories, visions, and legacies of our ancestors. Rewriting History seeks to reconnect viewers to the past so that parallels with current events are amplified.
Rewriting History, Fabio Jean-Louis, Artist Statement
Rewriting History is an ongoing photography series, by Brooklyn-based artist Fabiola Jean-Louis, which captures the richly …

Book Review: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, From #BLACKLIVESMATTER to Black Liberation

"Every movement needs a catalyst, an event that captures people's experiences and draws them out of their isolation into a collective force with the power to transform social conditions."
 Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, From #BLACKLIVESMATTER to Black Liberation (2016)

From #BLACKLIVESMATTER to Black Liberation is an intricate discussion of Black political movements past and present. It explores the myriad intersecting social and political issues which have attempted to assuage Black resistance and derail racial progress. While Taylor forsakes the necessity of outlining her methodology approach, necessary for an academic, I would assume its absence was intentional and an indicator that the book is intended to serve a wider audience. Taylor, instead, explains that the intention of the book is to explore ‘why the movement marching under the banner of Black Lives Matter has emerged under the nation’s first Black president’. Furthermore, Taylor statement that ‘it is almost never u…

Review: Master of None

The Aziz Ansari series Master of None, is back on Netflex!

If you watched the first season you will been familiar with Ansari's character Dev, a second generation American Indian who we follow as he navigates a career in acting as a minority, dating in NYC and managing the expectations of his immigrant parents. At the end of the last season we see him break up with his girlfriend, a relationship we witnessed develop from the start of the season from a one night stand, in to a friendship, then dating, and moving in with one another. Though after revealing his fear of commitment, Rachel (his girlfriend) decides that its for the best that they split and fulfill their dreams.

And that is where the new seasons begin, with Dev in a small Italian town pursuing his love of pasta by working as an apprentice for a small family business. Though this season is way better then the first! Its way funnier, edgier, and the agenda it pushes is stronger, bolder and way more in your face - I love i…

Film Review: Get Out


This weekend I finally went and saw the film Get Out.
I have been meaning to see it since it first got released. Late I know, but with all the fuss made about its story-line (especially from white liberals) I had to go see it while it was still at the cinema.

So, do I think its worth all the hype?
Well yeah kind of! Though I'm still trying to wrap my head around the ending. As I'm not sure if I was happy with the way the story-line concludes. Though despite this, I thought the film was bold, daring and a great new way to approach the subject of race through film. Get Out created an awesome build up of suspense, effectively used light comedic relief (in Chris' black TSA friend), and its story-line was a fun new twist to the old "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" cinematic narrative.

For me, Get Out was reminiscent of a Steven King adaptation but instead with the plot centering around race - I'm thinking Sleepwalkers, sans the shape-shifter…

Book Review: Go Set a Watchman


Balenciaga's "Unconventional Beauty"

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, but looks like I'm back!!
And I return with a racially suggestive image posted on Instagram this morning by Spanish fashion house Balenciaga (see above). 
I'm not gonna jump to any conclusions on this BUT the image's caption in conjunction with a image of a black female with prominent "non-western" features falls into racist territory. Though why I'm not quick to make assumptions is that this is of course a piece of advertising and it's also likely that the caption is intended to describe the range (clothes and jewellery) that is being promoted and that the model is wearing. Though saying this doesn't get them off the hook that easily!
While I appreciate ethnic diversity in fashion, I have to wonder whether the black model was casted intentionally for her 'unconventionality'. I mean would this image still seem like "unconventional beauty" had the model been white? 
Might seem like I&…