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Book Review: The Selfish Society: How We All Forgot To Love One Another And Made Money Instead

Very good book, all men, women and children should read, especially expecting parents!
Written by a family psychotherapist Gerhardt writes with great intellect and passion on the subject, explaining how our early childhood shapes the very person we become.
The early chapters explains our brain development at baby stage, which is very interesting.  Did you know that babies/toddlers learn about their emotions by reading facial expression & that this also teaches them lessons of empathy as they come to realise that others experience the same emotions as them! The book later goes on to discuss society & politics, looking back at the past and present day to see how and why present day society has become the way it has. Gerhardt also looks at US & UK politicians and how their upbringings shapes their leadership styles, with the basic principle being that selfish leaders would have had difficult childhoods.  As their emotional needs were not met in their early childhood due to …

Sluts In Disguise

*Lady Gaga at the CFDA Awards 20011; Sluts Walk, London 2011
The weekend gone saw the controversial Sluts Walk reach the capital and with that a whole host of sexism charged articles were written about the walk and its concept. One of my favorite articles, and by favorite I mean made me most irate, wasn't about the walk but had the same sentiment, discussing Lady Gaga's recent outfit choice to the CFDA awards [see above pictured].
Written by Fred Khumalo, a man, for Times Live he unshamelessly expresses his sexist opinion on women's (little) right to express themselves through their dress. Now I'm a big Lady Gaga fan, though putting my admiration for the artist aside, my critique of the article was that it was pure sexist garbage! According to Khumalo, Gaga's revealing outfits at the award ceremony didn't leave much to the 'male' imagination, I quote: "I don't think we want to see her completely naked. We want our imaginations to be teased".…

Random Find

Look what I spotted above a North London Industrial clothing store!
No love for the coalition, well they show no love to the working class who make up most of the UK workforce!

Love that people are finding their political voices!

Some People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Kids!

This is why I'm always saying that "I blame the parents" for the current state of society!

A mum buys daughter a boob job for her 7th birthday. Ok, so the daughter can't actually use the gift till her 16th birthday but it's still messed up!  The poor child will go through her teens thinking that she's not good enough and will look forward to the day that she can be put 'right'!
What's not suprising about the story is that the mum has had a boob op (and many more) and lables herself a 'Human Barbie'! - And so the distructive cycle begins!

Parents need reminding that their kids are not 'mini mes', stop passing your neuroses onto your kids and raise them better!
There is a difference between being your childs role model and turning them into your clone! The difference being knowledge and freedom of choice.

This country is going to the dogs!

Article Link:

Human Barbie Mum Buys 7 Year Old Daughter Boob Job For Her Birthday, Metro

Random Find

Was totally shocked when I came across this product, for sooo many reasons and on soo many levels!
The pressure women are put under to achieve 'prefection' is just ridiculous.

Male Mag Gives Bad Sex Advice!

Never has an article infuriated me like the one I read by the mens mag Ask Men (see link below).
Supposingly giving men sex advice but blatantly telling them not to bother pleasing their female partner because her sex organ is to complicated!

Article Link:

'Orgasm Myths' Ask Men

Obviously I had to make a comment, read what I said below:

"As a woman, this article sounds more like a cop out! I am not disputing the facts but all men should aim to satisfy their women during sex. Yes all women will achieve this differently but as her partner it's your duty to identify what works for her! The article is simply sexist bull, can't believe it actually advices men that if she can't achieve a G-spot orgasm it's her fault & she should just stimulate her own clitoris?! - If that's the case women stop mid act & go finish yourself off in the next room, he shouldn't have any problems finishing himself off since he's more in tuned with his sexual needs!! …

Apparently Feminism No Longer Exists!

Ok, so I'm looking through google news earlier today for interesting news stories when I come across an interesting titled article about Kate Middleton's decision to become a housewife (see link below).  Although I hate to endorse the Kate Middleton craze, I feel that any topic on women & our lifestyle choices is an important one.  So you can imagine my disgust when not even a quater of the way in the article reads "...feminism is dead and most women now want to marry a rich husband and stay at home."!!!
Apparently this is backed up by a recent report by the LSE sociologist Catherine Kakim. I'm not gonna start saying angainst Kakim's work since i'm not familar with her research, my concern is that the Belfast Telegraph felt qualified to make this broad statement in an article aimed at women from the findings of just one sociologist! Lets just encourage (for a second) the idea that most women may actually want to stay at home and be a housewife, there …