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The Need to Riot

As it stands we have endured four nights of riots with the pressing fear and concern that more are to be expected.  Though from Monday night the dynamic of these riots changed, as we saw something contained to London spread to other large UK cities like Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol, which are now affected by masses of their own youths causing public damage, setting fires and looting.
Why? Why is this happening? Why are these young people taking to the streets and causing all this dismay? Why has this gone on so long and why aren’t these youngsters’ parents controlling them better?

Firstly, it seems from all the images released by the media that this is an issue of race; as few white youths (or other ethnicity's) seem to have been caught rioting and looting on camera. Even in the predominately white borough of Enfield were the majority of faces captured black.
Personally I don’t think it’s an issue of race but class, specifically the underclass, which black people are twice …