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Book Review: The Twilight Saga

Warning: This post will offend ‘die hard’ Twilight fans!
Warning: *Spoiler alert * for those following the films!

Admitting to having read the four Twilight books isn’t an easy task for me, since most people will usually expect that I enjoyed them. - Which I didn’t! - In fact I thought the story was awful, a poorly formed storyline and a terrible example of young womanhood that goes against the very principles of modern day feminism.
The books serves only to enforce patriarchal indoctrinations, which is why I can't understand how a fellow female could aim such books at an impressionable teenage market.  I also do not understand why in the 21st century this story is being lapped up by women worldwide!?
The only way I can justify having read the books is summed up by the quote from Sun Tzu “Know your enemy.”

I have seen very few reviews which critically analyse the story and its damaging impact, which is something that deeply concerns me considering how widespread the books and films…

Name & Cup Size Please!

How derogative is this!? I'm not sure how this company thought that forcing their female staff to display their bra size was clever and not at all a degrading idea. I wonder with the same line of thinking if it would be ok to have male staff in men’s underwear stores to walk around in their pants so that the customer can gauge the level of support provided by the different types of men’s underwear!  
Absolutely crazy, though I am surprised that only one employee complained about the badges! Having said that I’ve met very few guys that actually understand bra sizing (which I find surprising), though that’s not actually the point, those who work for clothing or footwear stores wouldn’t need to reveal what is personal information so bra shop assistants shouldn’t need to either. 
It’s not necessary nor does it improve customer service or sales, shame on you!
Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 102, 16th November 2011, page 14.

How Wearing Skirts Can Boost Your Career (Sorry This Only Applies To Women)!

Now this story isn't new I've heard about it a while ago now though what I find interesting is the reasons why a women in a skirt could be seen as more successful or better at business compared to a women who wear trousers!

To me the reason seems quite simple, women are historically linked to wearing skirts and dresses where as the image of trousers are considered to be very male and masculine.
Also consider that the presence of women in the office or board room only became prominent in the late 70's-80's along with the trend of the women 'power dressing' in trousers suit (thank you Yve Saint Laurent).

This could explain how the image of women who work in business and wear trousers are seen as being more masculine or aggressive in their approach; whereas women who wear skirts to work are seen as less intimating and possibly docile, since her image maybe conceived as confirming to patriarchal traditions of business - that its a mans world!

I would love for some …

Stay At Home Dad, You Man Enough?

A very interesting article found in today's ShortList magazine entitled 'Could You Be A Stay At Home Dad?' Apparently a shift in cultural attitudes has lead the way for an increasing number of men choosing to stay at home and look after their children.  This relaxed attitude towards gender roles are said to be due to more women being the bigger earners in their relationships, which when considering childcare seems sensible for the men to stay at home and raise the children.
I was a little apprehensive at first since being a men’s magazine it could have flirted on either side of the fence, though to my pleasant surprise the article was very honest, positive and handled with tack The article really covered the issue well and raised awareness of how fulfilling the choice to raise children can be, it also addressed the issue that men who chose to stay at home with the children do at first feel emasculated in the role, though first hand accounts from men whom had stayed at home exp…

Bedroom Vote

I just had to share this as I found it so very funny!

I would love to find out if many Zimbabwean men upheld this?
Surely the Zimbabwean government could find a better incentive to get women to vote, especially since recent reports from the Daily Mail have said women have sex out of obligation (see link below)!

Either way it is important that women worldwide exercise their political voices (and not their husbands), with many reports saying that the population of most countries are majority women, its time governments considered us better when dishing out policies that tend to make our lives harder!

Women are 'having sex out of obligation, not enjoyment': How fun in the bedroom has slipped down list of priorities, Daily Mail

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 102, 16th November 2011, page 14.

Black Is Beautiful: The Devaluing Of Black Female Beauty In Popular Media

The singers early on in their careers

Where all the black women at?

While the white ethnicity are on the pursuit of tanned skin & bootyliciousness, black females are still unsubtly being coaxed into obligating the colonial colour cast where whiteness is the perceived standards of beauty.

Black features are the epitome of modern female beauty for our white sisters, with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sporting a natural ‘black’ pout; though for black female celebrities (or models), particularly those that reach commercial success, the plum lips and chocolate brown skin isn’t seen attractive or 'marketable'!

Note that I specifically say ‘female beauty’ since black men are exempt from this line of scrutiny; in fact blackness for men in mainstream media seems to enhance their masculine images, good example being rapper 50 Cent or actor Samuel L. Jackson.
For black females in mainstream media, they are expected to conform to European body shapes, be fairer skinned and have st…

Sex Sells So Why Not Stick It On A T-Shirt!?!

Well ain't they something!
While out shopping recently I came across a whole load of men’s t-shirts with naked ladies on them, some more disturbing then others! Who buys these tees and what girl in her right mind would allow her boyfriend/husband/brother to wear such a t-shirt?
I’m not even going to get into how these tees exemplifies the common practice objectifying women is in our culture, since it’s obvious the girls printed on the above tees weren’t chosen for their brain power!
I do think the issue is somewhat an epidemic, mainly because girls are being breed to believe the choice to get naked is somehow practicing girl power.
Having said that guys need to remember that these women are their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, show some respect!

TV Review: Top Boy, Channel 4

Yesterday saw the last instalment of the four part urban drama Top Boy on Channel 4.  The drama stared UK rapper Kano and rapper turned actor Ashley Walters (who has a reputation for staring in urban cult films).
Top Boy described by the Channel 4 website as “about young lives lived on the edge in east London - an honest and gripping rendition of inner-city drug and gang culture”, seemed reminiscent of the 1991 American film NewJackCity with Wesley Snips and Ice T, only with a UK backdrop!

I’m not denying that such events occur on London streets, though whether the drama was created with the intent to address an issue or simply to continue to perpetuate the stereotypical imagery of black family life, culture and masculinity was unclear!

The storyline being how local drug dealers are recruiting young impressionable boys in the neighbourhood to act as foot soldiers to sell and transport their drugs. Ra’Nell and Gem, the two main younger characters, are both 13 years old and best friends…

Sexy By Nature

 This has got to make you laugh! The things us women have to deal with, can’t even eat without being sexually suggestive! I find it funny that this campaign in Finland is aimed solely at women, is the trend to sexually harass while eating only practiced by women?
You would think it would be easy to identify someone who is being sexually suggestive while they are eating * I’m envisioning a Carry On type performance, with cheeky winks and fake blushing! * The example they used in their video with the banana is just silly since no one can eat a banana by licking it, so for someone to be doing that in public kinda suggests something!
Oh well you gotta laugh at these things sometimes!
Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 100, 2nd November 2011, page 17.

The Complexities of Modern Racism In Britain

While on a night out in the capital, a guy in a club put his beer bottle in my face expecting me to take it from him, when I moved away he promptly followed continuing to try and give me his bottle. His friends seem bemused and didn’t try to defuse the situation; seconds later I saw the guy go over to the side and put his seemingly empty bottle on a ledge; on his return he attempted to elbow me in the face, had I not been leaning in to talk my friend he may not have missed!
Unfortunately my reaction was delayed although I guess its better that I didn’t escalate the situation further.  Considering the offender was white and that at the time I was probably the only black girl in the club, I couldn’t stop thinking whether this happened because I was black?
I wasn’t alone I was with friends who were white and also in closer proximity to the guy then I was so why me?

I don’t like to use the ‘R’ word loosely since modern day racism is quite complex; we are all guilt of harbouring prejudice…