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Hard Being Black In Hollywood, Try Being A Black Woman

Behind the glitz and glam of Sunday night's Oscar ceremony the topic of race was once again raised in Hollywood as to actress Octavia Spencer's receiving the award of best supporting actress for her role in The Help.  A triumphant win which makes Spencer the 13th African American (and the 6th female) to win an Oscar for acting achievements in the award shows 86 year history.
Though it may seem black actors and actresses are finally getting the recognition they deserve, it is important to notice that the roles Hollywood are choosing to recognise black actors and actresses are highly racialised and gender stereotypical with black female actresses baring much of the brunt.

What Octavia Spencer's win at this years Oscar's for her role as fiesty maid 'Minny Jackson' in The Help (set in America in the 1960s during racial segregation) actually shows is how little social perceptions of black women and the role of black women in film has changed considering that Hat…

Ageism in Fashion: Model Agynes Deyn Admits Lying About Her Age

Recent reports has confirmed that British model Agynes Deyn has finally admitted to lying about her age. Deyn whom appeared on the modelling scene in 2007 was said to be an 18 year old uni student hanging with the likes of (at the time) upcoming fashion designer Henry Holland but now we know she was actually 24, making her now 29!

Its said that the reason for Deyn lying about her age was that she was quite old  to only just be getting into modelling so "we knocked off a few years.”, she said speaking to the Daily Mail.
I assume "we" is her and the modelling agency she works with, which highlights the issue of ageism in fashion. I mean considering that Deyn can happily past for a few years younger does it really matter to designers that her age doesn't match? (Obviously it must otherwise Deyn and her modelling agency wouldn't have felt the need to lie).

As a once fashion student I always find the ageism argument quite interesting since the campaign and runway mo…

Inappropriate Ryan Air Ad Rightfully Banned!

There has been lots of talk last week about the banned Ryan Air advert and whether it was appropriately banned, though while the general consensus seems to be in agreement for banning the advert, alarmingly it would seem much of the British public doesn't see the offencive nature of the ad.
LBC radio held a debate on the advert, going as far as comparing the legitimacy of the Ryan Air advert with that of a Marks & Spencer's underwear advert! How they the could honestly pin these two company adverts against each other is besides me, though more concerning is what is says about our tolerance to female nudity.

Rightfully so the Ryan Air advert should have been banned since it doesn't actually advertise a service Ryan Air is in the business of, the advert offers a deal of £9.99 one way (which we assume is for a flight) but to which destination is unknown.
The sole nature of this advert is selling sex and vamping up the Ryan Air image consider the wording "Red hot fa…

Rise Of The Beta Male

Interesting article in last week’s Shortlist discussing the demise of the 'Alpha' male and rise of the 'Beta' male.
In a nutshell, the article was discussing recent culture changes in male behaviour and attitudes which has contributed to the emergence of the Beta male.
Beta males are smart sensitivity men who invest in their appearance, they are said to have turned their backs on the old Alpha male ways of male domination, aggression and exploitation, instead they embody intelligence, charisma and are liberal thinking. According to the article beta males are changing the way we do business!

I was pleased to see that the article had made a connection with this new male attitude and behaviour to the adaption (for the better) to the feminist movement and the study's of masculinity, since the process of women demanding and slowly achieving gender equality has encouraged many men to relieve themselves of the emotional castration once promoted as the alpha male image of…

Event: In Celebration of Malcolm X

In remembrance of the 47th year of Malcolm X's death, an unknown source are encouraging the wearing of black to celebrate the life and achievements of Malcolm X.
While I don't personally agree on all of Malcolm X's racial & gender political ideologies, their is no doubting he was a key figure head in the US Civil Rights movement.

If I remember I will be participating :0)

Wearing the Trousers

Its amazing that such a thing like women wearing trousers is considered a crime against ones 'culture' and 'cultural hiearchy', especially in African countries considering that the mens traditional garments is a 'dress'!
I have to admit that I loved the music choice, Bob Marley's No Woman, No Cry, though ironically enough Rastafarianism also supports the notion of forbidding women wearing trousers also so maybe not the most researched or wise choice!

Regardless I love hearing about women fighting for their equality, as in no way is restrictions in womens dress anything other than a megalomaniac tendency, men should love and respect the women that raise, love and support them not subordinating them.

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 112, 7th February 2012, page 16.

Event: A Tale of Tottenham Race, Riots And The Future at The London School of Economics

Last week the London School of Economics held a talk called 'A Tale of Tottenham: Race, Riots And The Future' with guest speaker David Lammy Tottenham's current MP, the event was joint hosted by the University's sociology department and Runnymede Trust, a independent race equality think tank.

Being born and raised in Tottenham my interest in the event ran both professional and personal, since generally Tottenham doesn't resonate a positive community image, especially not after last Augusts riots.
I can't tell you how many times I've encountered expressions of shock from informing particular people that I come from this part of London, often followed with a not so funny joke implying that I must 'know a guy that..[Choose your criminal activity]' or other off the cuff remarks implying my affiliation to a black inner city stereotype.

The event started off well with Rob Berkeley director of Runnymede Trust opening the evening and introducing the guest …

NO To Second Hand Knickers!

I found this interesting since it follows resent posts discussions on the second hand clothing trade, I know from Lucy Seigle's 'To Die For' book that most African nations that take in salaula (Southern African term for second hand clothing) have laws restricting the selling of secondhand underwear and nightwear for hygiene reasons.
Well I'm pleased to hear Zimbabwe has finally cottoned on, intimate clothing items such as underwear are not suitable for recycling and definitely not suitable for a second life in the secondhand clothing trade!

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 111, 1st February 2012, page 10.

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'Don't Stop Me Now'... Because I'm Having An Good Time... Protesting

Oh this make me laugh when I read it, not the spitting part that's disgusting but the breaking into dance, what a non aggressive, entertaining and engaging form of protest, not to mention a clever song choice!!

I'm keen to know more about this incident in Israel and the Orthodox views they hold as the behaviour displayed by this grown man is despicable, the act of intimidating someone is wrong and hurtful but to an 8 year old child, this weasel of a man should be punished!
I would be interested to know what this youngster was actually wearing though I very much doubt it was a padded bra, crop top, leggings and heels ensemble that young girls in the UK can often be seen in!

Women should have the right to dress however they please without drawing negative attention, onwards and upwards ladies in our fight for equality.

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 111, 1st February 2012, page 10.