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We're In UK Pride Magazine - May 2012

... Well I am anyway!
Not too long ago I attended a round table discussion held by Pride magazine, the discussion was on black female beauty - our representation in the media and how this affects our self esteem - with 5 other black female participants from various backgrounds and ages respectfully sharing our opinions on questions asked by our host.  It was a really insightful discussion, a real meeting of minds, as myself and the other women instantly clicked and discussed with the ease of old friends, it was great!

Asides from the embarrassing picture angles and a quote I wished they'd have left out I am overall pretty happy with the article, though the last question of the article (which was not the last question of the evening) somewhat implies a happy conclusion that black women know their beauty regardless how the media disputes us which is a bit misleading but that's the press for you! 

Another interesting development from the article is my blurb and their decision to describe me as 'somewhat of a feminist.' Not sure what part of me saying I was a feminist and that I'm involved in the Black Feminist UK group warrants me as 'somewhat of a feminist' I don't know?
One can only assume that those involved in putting the article together felt that calling me a feminist was too hash a brush to brand me, which I'm sure it down to their stereotypical views of feminism and feminists. I find this very sad since feminism is still very relevant especially to black women, this just reminds me why I started blogging in the first place to encourage others to seek the truth themselves and promote a heightened sense of consciousness within my community. 'Somewhat of a feminist' or not at least its out there, its great that Pride has initiated an important discussion topic though there is soo much more too be said.


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