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'Slave Chic' Is In Fashion

How this slipped through the net I don't know, but this is just ridiculous!

Controversial Adidas trainer with bright orange 'shackle' style ankle cuff, causes a lot of uproar. Many are linking the trainers ankle cuff to the shackles worn by African slaves during slavery and its bright orange colour to American prison wear.  It's not hard to see why these connection has been made, the chain and shackle has very negative connotations and symbolise physical restrain and oppression. Not exactly appropriate for a trainer!

Need I say that Adidas came to their senses and dropped the shoe, though this comes after previous attempts to defend it! The trainer was part of the sports brands collaboration with designer Jermery Scott, though it still gets me that those involved in the development of the trainer really thought it would be clever or 'cool' for people to be walking around wearing shackles around their ankles like a criminal or slave.
Personally I find it very …

Film: Red Tails

Been waiting ages for the Red Tails to finally get released in the UK, then when it does I get to watch it on  a recent flight to the US a couple days ahead of its UK release, woohoo!
As the saying goes all good things come to those who wait, the film was beautiful, deeply moving as well as entertaining. Not ideal to watch on the aeroplane since I'm sure I looked crazy to my immediate passengers with all my cheers, sobs and tears but definitely a film to experience on the big screen (if you get the change).

The story loosely based on historical events of the black American fighter pilots in WWII, their experience of warfare, racism and segregation in the military. The characters are endearing,  courageous and extremely lovable, with the story bringing out every emotion in you. I felt happiness, sadness, pride, joy, anger, sorrow and more while watching the film which was great as it's definitely very rare for a good film to does this.

I also really liked the films direction, …

Mary Seacole Deserves Her Recognition

Right so according to Lynn McDonald, a Canadian Sociology professor and Florence Nightingale enthusiast, Mary Seacole doesn't deserve to be recognised for her medical services during the Crimea war especially not with a statue that will tower over that of recognised white British nurses Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. Writing for the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' page, McDonald ridicules Mary Seacole and her achievements favouring the legacy of Florence Nightingale.
I haven't heard such pretentious ignorance since David Starkey's infamous BBC Newsnight comments during the UK riots. What is with these 'distinguished' and 'educated' types asserting their ignorant, racist and classist views onto the rest of us?

McDonald believes honouring Mary Seacole is doing a disserve to Florence Nightingale and goes on to say that Seacole wasn't a proper nurse, she also brands Seacole as a opportunist who profited from servicing war soldiers and that…

India's Vagina Whitening Ad

I've heard of skin, nipple even anal bleaching but seriously vagina whitening?

So Indian TV has shown an ad for a vagina whitening shower gel, because obviously the skin colour around ones vagina is also up for male scrutiny, its ridiculous! Who thinks these products up and what guy really picks up on the skin colour of the vagina? - I'm curious seriously!

As a girl I wonder why these kind things are always targeted at women, if I'm honest (and maybe bias) the aesthetics of the vagina is way prettier then the males genitals, way isn't there any products to make them more aesthetically pleasing?! ...I have never been in doubt sexism exists but these kind of ridiculous examples doesn't make the blow anymore easier to take.

Men and women of colour need to recognise the beauty that resides in their races and stop trying to achieve impossible beauty expectations. Black, brown or light brown whitening/bleaching is NEVER not the answer!

Aticle link:
Vagina brightening i…

Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets The N-Word At Jay-Z & Kanye West Concert

--> While watching friends Jay-Z and Kanye West perform on stage in Paris for their Watch the Throne tour, Gwyneth Paltrow took to Twitter using the n-word in a tweet along with a picture in describing the concert. This has for obvious reasons caused a stir creating arguments both for and against Paltrow's use of the n-word with many black celebrities such as The Dream and Russel Simmons defending her honour.
Gwyneth defence is that she was referring to the Jay-Z & Kanye West song 'Niggas in Paris' though by including 'for real' after the title changes the song title into a statement, one of which contains a racially offensive word. While I don't think Paltrow is racist or intended to cause offence, she and everyone who chooses to defend her are missing the point. 

The word 'nigga' is a derogation term for a black person and was used by whites during colonialism with the intent to degrade and ridicule the black man and woman. Recently the word …