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Book Review: How To Be Black

Comedian, blogger, author Baratunde Thurston takes a satirical look at the notion of blackness while also raising some of the dilemma's society creates for those that are black. With the help of his 'black panel', a group of race keen comedians and writers, one of which is white (for diversity), Thurston raises topics on being 'the black friend', the second black President and the black spokesperson. Thurston also uses his upbringing to validate black experiences such as being an ethnic minority in the classroom and the need to balance ones blackness in order to be perceived approachable to non-blacks while not being written off as an 'oreo' by your black community.

While surprise surprise Thurston is American the book very relatable for those of us across the pond and is a light hearted read even when the topic being discussed is on race. The book is a recommended read for anyone of any ethnicity as long as they have had some kind of contact with blacknes…

The Fashion Press Picks Up On Dolce and Gabbana's 'Racist' Earrings, But Are They Really Offensive?

In at interesting case of delayed reaction the world fashion press are reporting on the racially suggestive Spring Summer 2013 collection by Sicilian design duo Dolce & Gabbana. The collection which incorporates elements of Sicilian culture also includes faces of black women in the form of earrings and are incorporated into some of the collections print. Though it was the collections earrings which have the fashion press doing a hissy fit.

According to the design duo who are known for using their cultural heritage as inspiration for their collections, the black female faces represents Sicily's history of African moor settlers from the 10th century and fits into the collections use of other Sicilian cultural references.
Many of the articles focusing on these 'racist' earrings explain that this 'mammy' or 'blackamoor' looking jewellery are derogative and serves only to romanticize slavery. I'd care to disagree!

With all this fuss over the black fema…

Pink Is For Girls: Bic Sexist Pink Pen Advert