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Film Review: Savages

With a fab 'A' list cast and lots of great reviews Savages fell disappointingly short of my expectations. Actually if I'm honest it didn't really recover from it's opening sex scene which then evolved into a love triangle between a half naked young blond called O (short for Ophelia) and her best friend drug dealer lovers whom are quite happy to share the same woman. Plus more graphic sex scenes.

Not to give too much of the plot away but the story follows O and her high end drug dealer boyfriends encounter with Mexican drug gangsters. To my surprise Salma Hayek's character was the drug kingpin with Benicio Del Toro being her right hand man; Travolta plays a dirty government official, with the films ending being very messy.

The film contained a fair bit of action and a few graphic and gruesome scenes, though the problem I had with the film was how rubbish Hayek's drug lord character was. This has nothing to do with Hayek's acting, shes a really good ac…

Event: Inter 4th Global Conference on Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues

Last month we attended our first academic conference in Oxford hosted by which was attended by scholars from around the world and explored the theoretics of fashion. The four day conference consisted of 13 panelled sessions where those with essays presented their fields then opened to the floor for questions and engaging debates. Critical issues such as fashion and youth culture, eco and sustainable fashion, the politics of fashion and luxury [fashion] practices and concepts (which we presented in) where just some of the subjects discussed.

It was a great experience to be surrounded by those with a keen interest in fashion theory and to be a part of the very vast ranging discussions on fashion. Some of the highlights from the sessions discussed the theory of deconstructive fashion, the historical narratives of Indian fashion garments, the evolution of South Africa’s fashion identity and the emerging 'homeless chic' fashion trend.