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TV Review: Breaking Bad

On the insistence of a close friend, I agreed to try watching Breaking Bad. I'm late, I know, but when I first heard about the TV show I didn't think it sounded like my kind of TV.  Am not a drugs and violence sort of girl, but I was told that this theme was somewhat superficial and that really the show has a lot of heart and was emotional at times.

After watching the first episode, I could somewhat see where the story was going. I could also say that I was not going to enjoy it, though I continued to watch the whole first series, and can now definitely say that the show is not my cup of tea!

Now that's not saying the show isn't good, I don't dispute that. But the thing that struck me while watching the show was how it conforms to racial stereotypes, in fact, it seems the whole appeal of the show is rooted in our understanding of racial stereotypes.

Walter the lead character, has spent his whole life being a law abiding citizen. He works 2 unsatisfying jobs…