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Film Review: Get Out


This weekend I finally went and saw the film Get Out.
I have been meaning to see it since it first got released. Late I know, but with all the fuss made about its story-line (especially from white liberals) I had to go see it while it was still at the cinema.

So, do I think its worth all the hype?
Well yeah kind of! Though I'm still trying to wrap my head around the ending. As I'm not sure if I was happy with the way the story-line concludes. Though despite this, I thought the film was bold, daring and a great new way to approach the subject of race through film. Get Out created an awesome build up of suspense, effectively used light comedic relief (in Chris' black TSA friend), and its story-line was a fun new twist to the old "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" cinematic narrative.

For me, Get Out was reminiscent of a Steven King adaptation but instead with the plot centering around race - I'm thinking Sleepwalkers, sans the shape-shifter…