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Review: Master of None

The Aziz Ansari series Master of None, is back on Netflex!

If you watched the first season you will been familiar with Ansari's character Dev, a second generation American Indian who we follow as he navigates a career in acting as a minority, dating in NYC and managing the expectations of his immigrant parents. At the end of the last season we see him break up with his girlfriend, a relationship we witnessed develop from the start of the season from a one night stand, in to a friendship, then dating, and moving in with one another. Though after revealing his fear of commitment, Rachel (his girlfriend) decides that its for the best that they split and fulfill their dreams.

And that is where the new seasons begin, with Dev in a small Italian town pursuing his love of pasta by working as an apprentice for a small family business. Though this season is way better then the first! Its way funnier, edgier, and the agenda it pushes is stronger, bolder and way more in your face - I love i…