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Cheraine Donalea

Who am I? 
Good question. I'm learning who I am everyday and I guess this blog and its archive is a textual manifestation of me and my thinking while I am be(come)ing... me. 

But I guess the non-philosophical answer you seek is this:

I am Cheraine Donalea, or Donalea if you personally know me. I am a born and raised Londoner with Caribbean (grand) parentage, but currently living and studying in New York. In my former life I worked, for a good ten years, in the fashion & clothing industry in product development and garment technology roles. Though, somewhat dissatisified with my career I decided to venture into the intellectual world of academia. I still, however, have a fondness for this time in my life, the people I got to meet, the friends I made and the (production) countries I got to see. An experience which wholly changed the way I see the world, our global-capitalist economy and how I engage or consume visual media and media narratives. 

I believe myself to be an immensely creative person, thought am unsure what my medium is. At the moment I am working on my writing, which I find to be a useful way to synthesise what I am seeing, thinking and feeling. Though, am not limited to this medium, check out my cooking blog For The Love Of Baking!

In terms of my academic credentials I am currently working towards my PhD with the Media, Culture and Communications department at NYU. Not what I expected I would be doing when I first started this blog, but here I am and this is where I'm heading! I also hold a Masters degree in Cultural & Critical Studies from the University of Westminster and a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design from the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester). I am particularly interested in the popular, or more specifically black diasporic music, style, culture and fashion.

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