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‘Sheba Remy Kharbanda [interview]’,The Center for Artist, 22nd March 2018
‘Adelaide Damoah [interview]’, The Center for Artist, 2nd March 2018
“Cultural Borrowing and Cultural Theft: Why Burberry and Other Luxury Brands Should Take Note of Hermès and Its 2011 Sari Collections When Taking Inspiration from Non-Western Cultures”, (Ed) Laura Petican, Mariam Esseghaier, Angela Nurse and Damayanthie Eluwawalage, Trending Now (eBook: Interdisciplinary Press, 2013)
‘Racist the Hunger Games Tweets Highlight why Fiction Writers Need to Stop Making their Characters Ethnicity Ambiguous and Address the Issue of Race’, Black, 9th April 2012
‘Philippines FHM Retracts Racist Front Cover’, Black, 3rd March 2012
‘Hard Being Black in Hollywood, Try Being a Black Woman’, Black, 1st March 2012
‘Ryanair: The Banned Ad’, Black, 20th February 2012
‘Justice For One But Not For All’, Black, 5th January 2012
‘A Man’s Story – Ozwald Boateng – Film Review’, Africa Fashion, 15th March 2012
‘Vivienne Westwood - New Aid or Positive Work in Africa?’, Africa Fashion, 12th March 2012
‘The Gambia – An Unexpected Textile Hub’, Africa Fashion, 24th January 2012
‘To Die For: Is fashion Wearing Out The World? – Book Review + Interview with Author’, Africa Fashion, 15th December 2011


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