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Terraformed: Book Review & Author Interview

One of the few highlights of 2020 has to be the release of this brilliant, poignant and necessary book by Dr. Joy White. Terraformed: young Black lives in the inner city  does an amazing job of detailing the consistent history of systemic oppression Black lives in Britain experience in quotidian ways. White does this by anchoring her argument in the “one mile by one mile radius” of Forest Gate, which falls under the jurisdiction of the East London borough of Newham. A process  White defines as “ hyper-local demarcation“ . I n doi ng so, White ties the area’s past to its present and provides an astute analysis of how local and national government initiatives, policies and (re)generation projects have disproportionately affected the area’s Black communities, causing economic disparities and cultural segregation.   Terraformed  is a compellingly piece of literature which intertwines objective analytical research, favored by the academy, with White’s own experiences and person insig

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