Apparently Feminism No Longer Exists!

Ok, so I'm looking through google news earlier today for interesting news stories when I come across an interesting titled article about Kate Middleton's decision to become a housewife (see link below). 
Although I hate to endorse the Kate Middleton craze, I feel that any topic on women & our lifestyle choices is an important one.  So you can imagine my disgust when not even a quater of the way in the article reads "...feminism is dead and most women now want to marry a rich husband and stay at home."!!!
Apparently this is backed up by a recent report by the LSE sociologist Catherine Kakim.
I'm not gonna start saying angainst Kakim's work since i'm not familar with her research, my concern is that the Belfast Telegraph felt qualified to make this broad statement in an article aimed at women from the findings of just one sociologist!
Lets just encourage (for a second) the idea that most women may actually want to stay at home and be a housewife, there is nothing wrong with that! Feminism is about giving women equality, freedom of choice and expression! And since women aren't giving up their right to vote, go to university, give up 'male characteristic job roles' or stop taking the pill I would say feminism still exists!

It sickens me how modern culture has made Feminism into a facade, patriarchal oppression still exists and is still as strong today as it was 100yrs ago!
You only have to look at the state of the music industry to see that. Artist such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Britney (to name a few) endorse the notion of female nudity & sexuality in the name of 'girl power' but in actual fact are simply ill equipped to realise that by 'choosing' to take off their clothes they are satisfying the male glaze and hindering womens ablity to been seen as anything more than sexual objects!

I could go go and on all day, what are your thoughts & opinions?  Speak up!

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