Book Review: The Selfish Society: How We All Forgot To Love One Another And Made Money Instead

Very good book, all men, women and children should read, especially expecting parents!

Written by a family psychotherapist Gerhardt writes with great intellect and passion on the subject, explaining how our early childhood shapes the very person we become.

The early chapters explains our brain development at baby stage, which is very interesting.  Did you know that babies/toddlers learn about their emotions by reading facial expression & that this also teaches them lessons of empathy as they come to realise that others experience the same emotions as them!
The book later goes on to discuss society & politics, looking back at the past and present day to see how and why present day society has become the way it has.
Gerhardt also looks at US & UK politicians and how their upbringings shapes their leadership styles, with the basic principle being that selfish leaders would have had difficult childhoods.  As their emotional needs were not met in their early childhood due to having strict parents/parenting, they will be unable to understand others needs since theirs were rarely met!

Gerhardt concludes by giving valid ideas as to how we can improve our current socity, with her underlining message being that this can only be achieved by the majority of us raising the future generations better (not her words).

Good stuff, must read!  


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