Male Mag Gives Bad Sex Advice!

Never has an article infuriated me like the one I read by the mens mag Ask Men (see link below).
Supposingly giving men sex advice but blatantly telling them not to bother pleasing their female partner because her sex organ is to complicated!

Article Link:

'Orgasm Myths' Ask Men

Obviously I had to make a comment, read what I said below:

"As a woman, this article sounds more like a cop out! I am not disputing the facts but all men should aim to satisfy their women during sex. Yes all women will achieve this differently but as her partner it's your duty to identify what works for her! The article is simply sexist bull, can't believe it actually advices men that if she can't achieve a G-spot orgasm it's her fault & she should just stimulate her own clitoris?! - If that's the case women stop mid act & go finish yourself off in the next room, he shouldn't have any problems finishing himself off since he's more in tuned with his sexual needs!! "


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