Some People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Kids!

This is why I'm always saying that "I blame the parents" for the current state of society!

A mum buys daughter a boob job for her 7th birthday. Ok, so the daughter can't actually use the gift till her 16th birthday but it's still messed up!  The poor child will go through her teens thinking that she's not good enough and will look forward to the day that she can be put 'right'!
What's not suprising about the story is that the mum has had a boob op (and many more) and lables herself a 'Human Barbie'! - And so the distructive cycle begins!

Parents need reminding that their kids are not 'mini mes', stop passing your neuroses onto your kids and raise them better!
There is a difference between being your childs role model and turning them into your clone! The difference being knowledge and freedom of choice.

This country is going to the dogs!

Article Link:

Human Barbie Mum Buys 7 Year Old Daughter Boob Job For Her Birthday, Metro


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