Book Review: Utopia

Utopia by Sir Thomas More,

I would recommend :0)
First published almost 500 years ago, Utopia is written by one of King Henry VIII trusted adviser.  That is until they clashed on the subject of separating the English church from the Roman Catholic church, in which More was beheaded for treason (a little history for you!).

A quick little read, the book is about More's in counter with an enlightend and well travelled man who came across a country called Utopia.  A model country with an exceptional way of living and thinking.
The book is mainly descriptive, with the entire 2nd part (its broken into 2 parts) written in 3rd person. The main theme of Utopia is communism, as the Utopians live in a peaceful communist society free of the sinful and debauchery habits encouraged by Capitalism. 

Despite being far fetch and somewhat unrelatable, it does leave you thinking, I guess.  Like how public polices encourage bad behaviour and rewards it; also that the conditions of society work in favour of ruling class who are the very people who govern and make the laws.  So until we eradicate the ruling class, equality will never be on the cards!


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