Decline in Positive Female Role Models!

As a girl growing up Barbie was a very important figure and role model not just to me (I'm very sure) but to girls around the world.  She was a strong successful woman, who encouraged you to be whatever you chose to set your mind to and like Barbie you could be a doctor, dancer, government official, or simply be well travelled or a wife & mother.
So imagine my shock horror to see Barbie or a black friend of Barbie (which just makes it WORSE!) as a 'video girl', the child friendly expression of video vixen/hoe!

Is this all young girls are encouraged to become? And should I be expecting to see a WAG Barbie next?

I'm not even going to discuss the racial factor involved because honestly it wouldn't make this product any better if it where a white doll version, as the simple facts are the white dolls are more influential then the ethnic dolls anyway!

Hang your head in shame Mattel this is nothing to be proud of! 


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