Racy Tee Trend Sweeps High Street!

River Island

I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday, while out shopping I spotted the above tees on the high street.  The worse in my eyes was the ‘Always Time to Party’ circle covering the girl’s crotch’s, how suggestive is that!? And what right minded girl (or woman) would buy this, let alone wear it?! - I'm still shocked. 

Seems like patriarchy rule is still firmly in place, and the resent drama with Topman only highlighting what seems like a trend of inappropriate T-shirt prints aimed at our youth (if your not familiar with the Topman tees I urge you to check out the below link, they where terribly offensive to women).

It is becoming more apparent that modern day representations of femininity are highly sexualised and conforms to patriarchy values. What is most scary is that this representation is aimed at young girls and often linked with girl power!  Popular culture are littered with examples across all spheres, take the TV shows Hollyoaks and The Vampire Diaries or female singers Rihanna and Britney, the trend also spans into films with Transformers 4 and Sucker Punch being prime examples!

Young girls are being feed a warped version of the feminist idea of female sexual empowerment, yet are not being taught how to achieve this with confidence or self respect!
I do think that the 21st century is a great time to be a women (though it could be better), we are able to mange our reproductive system, have access to education and good jobs, we can choose when to start a family or not to start a family at all; our choices are endless. 
Yet popular culture and T-shirts like the above only seem to encourage girls to seek sexual gratification, yet fails to teach them about achieving sexual satisfaction, this only ends up playing into the hand of patriarchy.

More diverse representations of womanhood and female achievements are needed in popular culture to give the younger female generations more direction.



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