How Wearing Skirts Can Boost Your Career (Sorry This Only Applies To Women)!

Now this story isn't new I've heard about it a while ago now though what I find interesting is the reasons why a women in a skirt could be seen as more successful or better at business compared to a women who wear trousers!

To me the reason seems quite simple, women are historically linked to wearing skirts and dresses where as the image of trousers are considered to be very male and masculine.
Also consider that the presence of women in the office or board room only became prominent in the late 70's-80's along with the trend of the women 'power dressing' in trousers suit (thank you Yve Saint Laurent).

This could explain how the image of women who work in business and wear trousers are seen as being more masculine or aggressive in their approach; whereas women who wear skirts to work are seen as less intimating and possibly docile, since her image maybe conceived as confirming to patriarchal traditions of business - that its a mans world!

I would love for some of these stories to be accompanied by critical/cultural analysis, since the story alone only serves to encourage a sexist approach to female dress in the office!
This is why it's important to read between the lines!

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 102, 16th November 2011, page 14.

Women wearing skirts at workplace ‘more successful’,
Why wearing a skirt means success at work,


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