Name & Cup Size Please!

How derogative is this!?
I'm not sure how this company thought that forcing their female staff to display their bra size was clever and not at all a degrading idea.
I wonder with the same line of thinking if it would be ok to have male staff in men’s underwear stores to walk around in their pants so that the customer can gauge the level of support provided by the different types of men’s underwear!  

Absolutely crazy, though I am surprised that only one employee complained about the badges!
Having said that I’ve met very few guys that actually understand bra sizing (which I find surprising), though that’s not actually the point, those who work for clothing or footwear stores wouldn’t need to reveal what is personal information so bra shop assistants shouldn’t need to either. 

It’s not necessary nor does it improve customer service or sales, shame on you!

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 102, 16th November 2011, page 14.


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