Stay At Home Dad, You Man Enough?

 ShortList Magazine, Issue 202, 17th November 2011

A very interesting article found in today's ShortList magazine entitled 'Could You Be A Stay At Home Dad?'
Apparently a shift in cultural attitudes has lead the way for an increasing number of men choosing to stay at home and look after their children. 
This relaxed attitude towards gender roles are said to be due to more women being the bigger earners in their relationships, which when considering childcare seems sensible for the men to stay at home and raise the children.

I was a little apprehensive at first since being a men’s magazine it could have flirted on either side of the fence, though to my pleasant surprise the article was very honest, positive and handled with tack
The article really covered the issue well and raised awareness of how fulfilling the choice to raise children can be, it also addressed the issue that men who chose to stay at home with the children do at first feel emasculated in the role, though first hand accounts from men whom had stayed at home explain that these feeling subsides after a couple months into the role.

I really liked the first hand accounts, were one of the men says what a profound and eye opening experience child rising was for him.
Also, the article helped give men in such situations help and advice regarding laws and legislation's that help men to access flexible working agreements and paternity leave in order to spend more time with their families.

Brilliant article, I applaud ShortList for tackling a gender sensitive issue in a positive way. The responsibility of raising children should not be decided by ones gender, a child is equal parts of both its parents therefore both parents should equally be as concerned for their child’s wellbeing and enthusiastic about playing an active role in their growth and development!

If you can’t get a copy of ShortList today, see the below link to read the article online.

Link to Article:
Could You Be a Stay At Home Dad, Shortlist


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