'Don't Stop Me Now'... Because I'm Having An Good Time... Protesting

Oh this make me laugh when I read it, not the spitting part that's disgusting but the breaking into dance, what a non aggressive, entertaining and engaging form of protest, not to mention a clever song choice!!

I'm keen to know more about this incident in Israel and the Orthodox views they hold as the behaviour displayed by this grown man is despicable, the act of intimidating someone is wrong and hurtful but to an 8 year old child, this weasel of a man should be punished!
I would be interested to know what this youngster was actually wearing though I very much doubt it was a padded bra, crop top, leggings and heels ensemble that young girls in the UK can often be seen in!

Women should have the right to dress however they please without drawing negative attention, onwards and upwards ladies in our fight for equality.

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 111, 1st February 2012, page 10.


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