Book Review: Feminism Is For Everyone: Passionate Politics

Written as a pocket or beginners guide to feminism, Hooks provides a retrospective account of the American feminist movement of the 70's, breaks down feminist politics and objectives and explains how the acceptance of feminism stands to benefit both men and women alike.

Hooks, one of my favourite writers, writes with an ease and relaxed tone, covering a vast amount of feminist ground from sexuality, pro choice, domestic violence (all forms) to feminism as an academic subject. Hooks also explains the importance's of keeping the discussion of race and class within the feminist movement going as this was something the first wave lacked doing. 

The book is a good and quick read (since its not very thick) and I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in or has the slightest intrigue in feminism and feminist theory.

Read a copy of the book here (but buy the book, its worth it!):


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