Israel Bans Underweight Models In The Media

I actually heard about this a little while ago, though its pretty interesting that a government has intervened the way it has though its does open up a can of worms.  Like firstly international brands many need to specialise their ad campaigns for their Israeli market and secondly what is their definition of 'underweight' is it ones BMI, body fat ratio or just their general appearance?
Will celebrities be exempt from this as they can often be 'underweight', could this stop the likes of Rihanna say, from modeling in her own perfume ads? Either ways I'm sure the advertising industry will find loopholes to keep skinny models in their ads. Also I fail to see what difference disclosing whether an image has been airbrush since confirming this won't stop men and women absorbing the unattainable body and beauty expectations promoted in an airbrushed image carrying a small print!

I'm neither for or against the use of young skinny models or airbrushing but I do think that until the media offers a wider variety of imagery promoting a more varied notion of beauty then our current limited perceptions of beauty will continue to be miss understood and abused.

Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 120, 4th April 2012, page 17.


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