Radio Interview With The C.O.W.S

Yesterday I was interviewed by the US radio show The C.O.W.S (The Context Of White Supremacy), discussing the affects of racism and racism in Britain of which I have dedicated many blog posts too.
Being my first time on the radio (if you don't count a phone in competition I once won) I was very nervous but also excited to par take in a discussion on modern racism and gain some insight into our American brothers/sisters shared conditions of racism.
I'm very sure my nerves got the better of me but either way it was a great experience and some really interesting discussion points were raised, one of which was on a recent incidence in the US that mirrored an incident that happen in the UK around the time of the riots, where black youths (from either side of the pond) are seen stealing the clothing off a white male, see links to images below:

UK image

US image

While I was not able to make an observation during the show, I do think the similarities is uncanny but also that the photo from the UK aptly sums up the white racial feeling of being marginalised and domineered by 'outspoken' and 'aggressive' black people who have come and 'taken' over their country, as the white boy pictured clearly feared the black boy(s) enough to undress himself and give up his clothes. Where as in the video footage of the US incident violence and force was used.

Listen to the show here* (if the player isn't working) and keep the discussion going by commenting on the show and/or any of the discussion points raised, would be great to get feed back.

To one of many (maybe) :0)

* Program dated: 04/16/2012   Titled: The C.O.W.S. w/ Donalea Scott (UK)


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