H&M Apologises For Using Very Tanned Model In Ad Campagin

H&M model Isabeli Fontana

I laughed (out loud) when I heard that H&M has had to apologies for using a very tanned model in their current swimwear campaign as cancer groups are saying its encouraging the unhealthy practice of using tanning beds to achieve the look. The image in question (see above) is of Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana tanned up and pictured in the shade so that her skin colour resembles far more of the black ethnicity then just a usual tanned person.

While the image is striking I can't imagine white women striving to achieve this particular shade of brown as promoted by H&M - come on its the same shade as me! To be honest the whole argument about the advert promoting an unhealthy obsessions with tanning is ridiculous as had the fashion retailer not exaggerated Fontana's tan, being from Brazil and naturally brown (or tanned) she would still perpetuate an the image of tanned skinned that some Europeans can not achieve naturally.

What stands in my mind the most about the H&M ad uproar is the idea that this shade of brown seen on Fontana in the advert could be ideal, that blackness (when not on a black person I might add) is the white ideal of beauty, crazy! Well not that crazy as I've discussed this before in past posts, though I'm coming to the conclusion that white people suffer from 'melanin envy' (or 'black envy'), which like that of Freud's Penis envy theory they lack the beauty attributes commonly found on the black woman such as broad hips, big booty, fuller lips, brown skin, etc. - Sure would explain a few things, right!

With that in mind (and on a funny note) I have to bring up the mother in the US who was arrested for taking her fair skin daughter to the tanning salon where she was severely burned. Obviously the story is not funny in the slightest but the image of the mother raises a few giggles (see below). I'm definitely gonna start looking into the idea of 'melanin envy', remember you heard it hear first ;0)
Mother Patricia Krentcil addicted to tanning

Link to article:
H&M sorry for using deeply tanned swimwear model, fashionmag.com
New Jersey mother Patricia Krentcil arrested after daughter 5 burned at tanning booth, dailymail.co.uk

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