Random Find

Browsing through Topshop Oxford St. recently I came across this black female mannequin displaying the latest wears (and chunky gold chains!), while I'm pleased to see more ethnic diversity in their mannequins to put it bluntly she's kinda ugly, was this the best they could do?

I kinda feel that her black features have been exaggerated on purpose to make her unattractive, if only I'd taken a picture of one of the white mannequin's to show how big her lips and nose was in contrast. Yes black people have broader noses and fuller lips but come on we have plenty of beautiful black women that pull off these features. Think the mannequin makers should have gone back to the drawing board in this case, there are so many black women in the media they could have drawn their inspiration from, here are a few I'd have recommended...

 * (From left to right: Charlene White, Keisha Buchanan, Gabrielle Union, Lauryn Hill)


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