Film: Red Tails

Been waiting ages for the Red Tails to finally get released in the UK, then when it does I get to watch it on  a recent flight to the US a couple days ahead of its UK release, woohoo!
As the saying goes all good things come to those who wait, the film was beautiful, deeply moving as well as entertaining. Not ideal to watch on the aeroplane since I'm sure I looked crazy to my immediate passengers with all my cheers, sobs and tears but definitely a film to experience on the big screen (if you get the change).

The story loosely based on historical events of the black American fighter pilots in WWII, their experience of warfare, racism and segregation in the military. The characters are endearing,  courageous and extremely lovable, with the story bringing out every emotion in you. I felt happiness, sadness, pride, joy, anger, sorrow and more while watching the film which was great as it's definitely very rare for a good film to does this.

I also really liked the films direction, if I compare it to that of Spike Lee's war film Miracle at St. Anna's, it was because the film and the characters felt cleaner, more honest and more lovable; were as Lee's film portrayed the black man in a very typical fashion. It is this refreshing and positive portrayal of the black man and black masculinity in Red Tails which makes the film for me, as the Red Tails soldiers possessed unique personalities, were genuine, kind and friendly, bounding together by their shared circumstances, it was really beautiful.

By the time the credits rolled on I felt somewhat connected to the American history and felt a sense of pride in the professionalism of the Red Tails (even though I'm against war), maybe in was because a similar history occurred with Caribbean service men who signed up to fight for Britain during the World Wars. While the Caribbean Regiment's stories is yet to be told it was nice listen to that of their Black American brothers.

Red Tails is showing in selected UK cinemas, go see it if you get the chance!


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