India's Vagina Whitening Ad

I've heard of skin, nipple even anal bleaching but seriously vagina whitening?

So Indian TV has shown an ad for a vagina whitening shower gel, because obviously the skin colour around ones vagina is also up for male scrutiny, its ridiculous! Who thinks these products up and what guy really picks up on the skin colour of the vagina? - I'm curious seriously!

As a girl I wonder why these kind things are always targeted at women, if I'm honest (and maybe bias) the aesthetics of the vagina is way prettier then the males genitals, way isn't there any products to make them more aesthetically pleasing?! ...I have never been in doubt sexism exists but these kind of ridiculous examples doesn't make the blow anymore easier to take.

Men and women of colour need to recognise the beauty that resides in their races and stop trying to achieve impossible beauty expectations. Black, brown or light brown whitening/bleaching is NEVER not the answer!

Aticle link:
Vagina brightening indian TV ad,

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