Lily Allen Reports Racist Solider & Gets Twitter Backlash!

Screen shot Of Lily Allen's Twitter timeline

The older I get the more I come to realise that my country of birth is REALLY racist, while of course this is a very saddening realisation to have to come to, it doesn't particularly surprise me.

According to reports British singer Lily Allen has reported a solider for racism abuse sent to her via Twitter. And rightly so, the tweet sent to Allen by Twitter user Harry Wilson said:
"Just seen you bought s*** I mean adopted a child from Africa."
Apparently commenting on the resent speculation that Allen has adopted a black baby, the comment is totally offensive and add completely uncalled for. Though the thing that gets me most isn't the comment itself but the huge wave of abuse Allen is receiving in support for this racist tweeter.

Following the star on Twitter I was alerted of the situation from her recent retweets from people condemning Allen for reporting a 'national hero'. He blood well ain't my hero!!
It’s disgusting, I don't care what job this guy does his comment was deeply racist and he deserves the repercussions for his public outburst. How anyone could condone what was said simply because he's in the army is beyond me. The British army isn't all white and the current wars being fought are on non-white territory, soldiers like him have no place in our army since their racial hatred is a liability.

The fact that he's in the army actually makes it worse in my eyes, I don't want my hard earned tax money supporting racists! Knowing all to well that the British defence services are rife with racism, and not just from news reports but from personal accounts from people I know in the services. It pleases me knowing that Lily Allen's actions could mean one less racist our black (or other non-white) servicemen will need to endure.

It really sickens and angers that such ignorance still occurs!

Lily Allen good on you for reporting this racist, his comment was racially offensive and I only hope the MOB does the right think and discharges his for gross misconduct, he does not deserve the publics compassion and certainly does not deserve the title as one of our nations hero!

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