Topman Does It Again & This Time With Racist Tee!

Screen shot taken from Topman's website

This is not the first time Topman has been flagged up for its inappropriate tees, last September they were found selling sexist slogan tees, now its seems they are the newest fashion establishment jumping on the 'slave chic' bandwagon!

While I have yet to see the tee up close, Topman are currently selling a t-shirt with an all over print of the old colonial world map which includes the words “Nigritia” meaning “Negroland” and with the south of the continent referred to as “slave labor”. Well this is what The Voice newspaper are saying in their article published today entitled: The big business of clueless racism.
I was able to find the said offensive tee on Topman's website, but the print's too detailed for me to spot the wording on screen so will need to witness this abomination for myself, up close.

I know what you’re thinking; how the hell does things like this slip the net? Well I work within the fashion industry and I still can't work it out. Usually there will be so many people involved in the products life cycle, it beats me how NOBODY spotted something like this, or would raised concerns over potential offence to be taken!

These fashion 'accidents' are occurring one too many times for me to let it slide (not that I was), it is clear that the painfully sensitive history of slavery is indeed a trend which the industry see appropriate to exploit and glamorise. What this indeed shows is the prevalence of racism in modern times and that even those who may not consider themselves racist, do in fact hold racist views or enough racist views to be letting these things slip the net!

Troubling times!


  1. It's most likely a genuine old map, used "as is". I very much doubt Topman mocked up their own map. Whitewashing history only means we're doomed to repeat it.


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