Pink Is For Girls: Bic Sexist Pink Pen Advert

Bic isn't the first goods company who in its aims to appeal to the female market have transformed their product pink and I'm very sure they will not be the last. Though what Bic's sexist advert does highlight is the irrational and impulsive consumer behaviour taught to us women by the industry from early ages.

Yes irrational behaviour, because it doesn't dawn on the young girl in the advert that the black or blue pens offered to her would be just as sufficient as the pink pen which essentially will be filled with black or blue ink anyway. It’s also not an issue that the pink pen will cost more than the other pens purely because its pink, but that fine since in being pink it means the product was specially made for us girls, woo hoo!

It’s the same with women’s magazines who state with much enthusiasm that we 'must have' a particular item or that we 'can't live without' some sort of beauty product or why we need to jump at their 'last chance' buys. Male consumers are said to be sensible buyers, they shop around, read reviews and think before the product before committing to it, just like the boys around missy in the Bic advert had all chosen the no frills, does the job pen.

In my old age this kind of marketing strategy really annoys me, mostly because I’ve very susceptible to it and have to talk myself out of whatever it is being sold, but also in its sexist implications that women are so gullible. When the fact is we are jooped into this way of thinking from the earliest of ages, like when our Barbie dolls needed the new outfits, car, house and friend; also let’s not forget that pink is for a girl, blue for a boy propaganda parents buy into to ensure the world can identify the gender of their gender neutral looking baby.
I don't find it sexist that brands offer their products in pink, its sexist that its believe and encouraged for women to rush out and buy it solely for the colour, stirring hysteria in us in the process of marketing these products a 'female friendly' pink.

Sadly the industry won't stop this sexist selling technique if we ourselves don't stop buying into it, but then can we stop buying into it when persuasive marketing techniques are being used against us? - That is the question!

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