Book Review: Religion For Atheists

As an Atheists I was skeptical at first about reading this book, since thanks to popular Atheists like Richard Dawkins (who's book The God Delusion I find too arrogant to finish reading), Atheists have been given a bad rep of being condescending towards religion
Thankfully this was not the case, with Alain De Botton's Religion for atheists instead being a quick and interesting read.

Philosopher and author Alain De Botton writes with much compassion, with Religion for Atheists highlighting the important and positive fundamental practices and principals religion promotes once all the superstition and magic is removed. With what being left essentially being a 'how to guide' for the living. For this De Botton explains why religions should not be dismissed so quick as fiction and fairy tale. When not taken so too literal, religion encourages and supports important human/cultural values such as community spirit, kindness, compassion and love. With religion also being very attuned in understanding our human nature to error. These are values every culture and society should encompass, regardless of race or creed.

I found Religion for Atheists, held many of the same views and opinions I myself hold about religion and its fundamental principal of compassion and togetherness. I also really appropriated De Botton's discussion of incorporating religious practices of nurturing the 'soul' into all aspects of modern life, politics and education. 
I have been saying for the longest time now, how I would love to see an educational system that focuses its curriculum on teaching pupils how become well adjusted and emotionally balanced human beings instead of just churning out a miss-educated workforce.

Not to be put off by the title, the book shouldn't be limited only to Atheists. Those who participate in a faith (or anyone in between being a believer/non-believer) should read the book, since the fundamental principals religion offers should be a far more important discussion then that of the existence of a God.


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