Egyptian Women Stand Up To Street Harassers

I have to admit I found this a tad bit extreme but I totally get the sentiment.

A band of Cairo women have grouped together to tackle the rising issue of women reporting incidents of street harassment by men.  This vigilante group, who call themselves Estargel (that's 'Be A Man' in English) don bright clothing and target men who sexually harass women by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Which implies spray these men's faces in paint and tagging their clothes with the words "I am a Harasser"!

I very much doubt that these men will have the sense to link their feelings of humiliation and embarrassment to that of the feelings they caused to the women they harassed, which is why this eye for an eye approach isn't always the best way about things. But their is some humour to be found in this method and a thought of 'that teaches you' ring to it!

I respect the Cairo group of women for making a stand, though I do wonder if any of these women have gotten arrested for doing this?!

*Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 154, 12th December 2012


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