Gender Toy Swap!!

I've been reading a few books recently about the gender myth so this was an interesting find!

A Swedish toy company are promoting in their Christmas catalogue images of reversed gender play, so girls can be seen playing with trains while the boys play with dolls. 
I think this is a great way to diversify our gendered way of thinking especially that of parents (whom are in the main position to enforce gender play stereotypes on their children). Would be great to see this applied to all toy adverts, particularly the one shown on television insistently around this time of year. 

I have never really understood why play needed to be gendered and can distinctively remember my childhood play behaviour being pretty neural (thankfully), whether I was playing with dolls of playing football my closest friends who where mainly boys would participate. Surely boys as well as girls alt to be open to learning the life lessons role playing games offer and surely girls too should learn the discipline and skills sports like football provided?

I'm not too surprised this story comes out of Sweden since, the country seems to have a progressive social political system. Just wish this progressive line of thinking would spread as fast as the hindered thinking which resonates in Western cultural politics!

*Article pictured was taken from: Stylist Magazine, issue 154, 12th December 2012


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