Hidden History Tours: London

The above article, published today, by the Guardian online looks at the Uncomfortable Art Tours being offered by MA student Alice Procter. Procter's tours visit various London museums and galleries, such as the National Gallery, British Museum, V&A, etc., providing counter-historical narratives on the art and historical figures featured in many of these institutions. The tours stand not only to expose the country's racist history but attempts also to draw parallels with the present. The tours are understood to be a project with Antiuniversity, who a really great collaborative that challenges institutionalised knowledge and education by making knowledge and learning accessible. See article link here.

While a tour of this nature is very exciting, especially considering the large white demographic the article quote's it as appealing to. I wanted also to give a shout out to all the black organised tours that have been doing the same in the capital and for a lot longer. They are:


Black History Walks have been around for a good 8 or 9 years, if not longer. In addition to the museum tour they also tour the city  imparting amazing history gems about particular monuments, areas, streets, and street names. But its not just tours they offer, Black History Walks also hold really great talks, events and film screenings around the capital too. 


Black History Studies offer museum tours at  British Museum, London and the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool. They are a husband and wife team who in addition to organising museum tours, community events and other services, are both published authors. And have been been educational resource hub for the last 8-10 years.

 Avril's Walks and Talks offer a tour of particular areas of the city and their monuments, statutes and other important sites. The tours are a one woman show, are said to be thorough in the history offered and very informative.

Am sure I've missed some out. If you know any tour operators or guides that organise similar tours let me know so I can include them in this list.


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