Hi- My name is Cheraine Donalea Scott. I am a proud descendant of the Windrush generation, and am born and raised in London. I currently live between London and New York while I complete my PhD at the New York University, with the department of Media, Culture and Communications. As you can likely tell, from the content of this blog, my interests are in the study of Black experiences and production of culture. With my research extending into the areas of (Black British) cultural studies, black studies, race theory, Black feminist thought and visual and sound cultures.

I’m a passionate educator. I come from a line of brilliant Black women educators, from primary to  tertiary education, and aim to inspire the same sense of intellectual curiosity they encouraged in me. Having grown up assisting in classrooms from a young age, I am comfortable leading in classroom spaces. I’ve also gained more formal teaching experience at NYU, working both as a teaching assistant (fall 2016-spring 2018) and an adjunct Professor, teaching my own classes (fall 2018- to present). Additionally, I taught two semesters (fall 2018-spring 2019) at LIM College for a course I was commissioned to develop, with the objective of fusing critical media and cultural theory with discussions on the fashion industry and its social impact.  

It maybe useful to interject that prior to starting my PhD I worked, for over ten years, in the fashion & clothing industry in product development and garment technology roles. Having always been a creative person, I see my approach to scholarship informed by my love of visual aesthetics. In addition to having a BA in Fashion Design, from the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester), I also hold a Masters degree in Cultural & Critical Studies from the University of Westminster.

You can find my work here, or find me on Twitter & IG as @Goldielocs16

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